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December 29, 2021

from wandering along the way

rusted wheels

Before continuing, make yourself rooted.

Slow down, breathe deeply, and focus on your feet. Feel the sensations on the soles of your feet; it could be a faint tingle, or an itch, or the pulse of blood flowing through. Extend your sensitivity to the hardness of the floor, and drop deeper through the many layers of wood or stone or air that separate your feet from the earth. If you feel inclined to root yourself further, feel into the bedrock, the crust, the mantle, the molten iron core of the earth. The rest of this essay will be here when you're satisfied with grounding.

backwards culture

March 05, 2021

from wandering along the way


Our culture has it backwards: the material things we build last too long, while the immaterial things don't last long enough. To have any hope for survival, we need to flip these around.

Devil's Den

February 12, 2021

from land

I set out for Devil's Den, through one foot of untrammeled snow. Only coyote and deer have passed through here, crossing perpendicular to my trail. Since humans have the right of way on this oversized human trail, it's appropriate for me to blaze it after these several snow storms. Walking was slow-going but steady, through temperatures well-below freezing. At least it's sunny and dry today.